Tutoring is available for students of all ages, children and adults. It is flexible and covers a range of subjects based on individual educational needs. Two types of tutoring are available:

  • Diagnostic tutoring is for students who are experiencing difficulty learning specific skills such as reading, writing, and math.
  • Homework support is for students who require additional help with the courses they are taking in school.

Homework support is available for students of all ages including adults who may be in college or vocational training programs. Homework help is based on materials students bring from the classes in which they are enrolled outside of Desert Willow Education.

Specialized instructional programs such as organizational, study skills and test-taking strategies are available. Additionally, we provide AIMS, SAT, ACT, GED and GRE preparation. As with all of our tutoring programs, the sessions are tailored to meet each individuals' needs and progress is monitored.

Tutoringis available year-round. Most tutoring takes place in our offices, but occasionally other arrangements can be made.

Tutors for college-level students meet at our office or on campus. This enables the flexibility to provide support for a wider range of activities, and to utilize resources including libraries.

“I heard every excuse for my son’s problems with his writing skills and why they were not improving all through elementary and middle school. My child who was an honor-roll student in the gifted program, would sit at his computer for hours trying to think up a first sentence for a writing assignment. I tried getting him extra help in the school and outside of school and found that there was a lot of help for reading problems but nothing for learning writing skills. I found Desert Willow after having him tested and discovering he had deficiencies with executive function which includes the planning and organization of thoughts. The tutoring at Desert Willow was an hour a week where my son learned to write! His tutor would take actual writing assignments and walk him through the steps of a well organized coherent paper. My son enjoyed the time with his tutor and got his homework done at the same time. No more arguing at home, no more sitting in front of the computer, no more procrastination, and no more missed assignments! My son got his first “A” in language arts this year and will be attending University High next school year. Thank you to Peter his tutor, and to Desert Willow.”
– Susan H.