We work closely with patients to artfully integrate a wide variety of counseling therapies. This integrative and systemic approach creates maximum opportunities for deep and lasting healing and growth in physical as well as emotional areas.

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Weight Loss

Lose Weight and Recondition Your Metabolism

We offer a healthy, radically effective, doctor-mediated weight-loss treatment supported by safe medication that helps the body rapidly burn abnormal fat stores.

Amazing results are typical with just 23 days of supervised treatment. Our patients commonly lose 1/2 to 1 pound for each day of treatment. Additionally, the treatment results in metabolic reconditioning allowing them to keep the weight off.

If you've tried other diets with limited success, or if you'd just like to experience the same remarkable results our other clients have experienced, please contact us today to discuss your weight-loss goals and begin a safe treatment with lasting benefits.

Ken Blackman, N.M.D.

Dr. Ken Blackman"I believe that each person's healing journey is best served by a close and respectful therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. I was drawn to the field of holistic healing over 30 years ago, pursued my first degree in Psychology and 10 years later completed my degree in Naturopathic Medicine.

At Desert Willow Holistic, I treat a wide variety of acute and chronic health conditions utilizing medical modalities of nutrition, botanical, biological, homeopathic and metabolic therapy. By weaving multiple healing disciplines together, I have been able to offer my patients a comprehensive system of integrative healing with significant benefits on many levels." - Ken Blackman, N.M.D.

What's New

We're Expanding and Seeking Professionals!

Desert Willow Holistic Health Center is expanding and is now seeking medical professionals interested in participating in an integrative medical / wellness center. For more information call 520-881-2104 or email
Dr. Ken Blackman.