We work closely with patients to artfully integrate a wide variety of counseling therapies. This integrative and systemic approach creates maximum opportunities for deep and lasting healing and growth in physical as well as emotional areas.

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  • Tutoring K-12 / College
  • Test Preparation
  • Evaluations
  • Special Needs Students
  • Alternative High School – A full-time high school program with continuous enrollment available now through May 2010.
  • Accredited Courses – Core high-school classes in the areas of math, Englisg, science, social studies, and Spanish, phys-ed and electives as accredited high school courses.
  • Exam Preparation – AIMS, SAT, ACT, GED, and GRE test-preparation courses.
  • Evaluations – Reading, writing, and math evals via Woodcock-Johnson and other diagnostics.
  • Special Needs Instruction – Reading decoding, comprehension and fluency, math calculation and processing, spelling, written language skills and learning strategies.
  • Summer Programs – All programs are available year-round.
  • Tutoring – K-12 and college-level tutoring with initial benchmarking and progress assessments.
Mission Statement

At Desert Willow Educational Services, the student is the center of all instructional services. We make available a variety of academic therapies and instructional alternatives in order to create an individualized program to meet the needs of students and their unique learning styles. By providing high quality, personalized programs, we hope to instill in students the skills necessary for becoming life-long learners, as well as the confidence needed for success.

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  • Tucker Janes, Principal – Teacher, English and Social Studies
  • Monica Johns – Center Manager
  • Daniel Roman – Teacher/Tutor, Math and Science
  • Peter Drakey – Tutor/Test Prep Instructor, High School and College