Desert Willow’s summer programs offer a unique opportunity for students to take advantage of our individualized curricula and 1-on-1 instruction. Whether students are looking to get ahead in their earned credits, working to make up gaps in their transcripts, or just looking for a little extra support before returning to school in the Fall, we can work to help you meet your goals.

Our current Summer offerings include:

Accredited Classes
Accredited high school classes are available to remove deficiencies or for additional support at a pace that matches each student’s needs. AP and CLEP classes are also available. High school students — particularly seniors — sometimes find that they are lacking a credit in a specific area such as physical education or fine arts. We work with students to plan a program which meets North Central Association’s requirements for credit in the area of interest.

Tutoring Services
Our tutoring services are highly flexible and based on individual needs, as well as age and experience. Tutoring services are available year round to meet each student’s individual need. Evaluations to measure skill levels and to determine which instructional programs and materials will be used. The student may be evaluated at other times at the discretion of Desert Willow staff and his or her parent(s).

Test Prep & Study Skills
An impressive test score is an important part of achieving your goals. These classes provide students with a practical knowledge of how standardized tests are designed, teach them how to identify and avoid common test-taking pitfalls, and show them how to deal with stress and manage their time during actual exam sessions. Students can’t “show what they know” unless their competence is turned into confidence. These classes provide them with the confidence they need to do their best.