Accredited high school classes are available to remove deficiencies or for additional support at a pace that matches each students needs. AP or CLEP classes are also available. High school students, particularly seniors, sometimes find that they are lacking a credit in a specific area such as physical education or fine arts. We work with students to plan a program which meets North Central Association’s requirements for the credit in the area of personal interest.

Physical Education
There are situations where high school students require a Physical Education credit and are unable to complete the class at their home schools. We have a flexible program that is customized to each students needs. We cannot issue a credit for participation in activities that the home school does not issue a credit for, but we will issue credit for non-school team participation. Most activities that are part of of an organized program under the direct supervision of a coach, trainer or staff member of a facility and other outside activities are acceptable. We require 75 hours of an activity for a semester’s credit.

Elective Courses
We have assisted students in obtaining credits in fencing, martial arts, dancing, golf, painting and art appreciation. Whatever the class you might need, we should be able to tailor a way to assure you can receive credit for your efforts in that arena.