Founded by Debby Blackman in 2003, Desert Willow High School provides a safe, structured, student-centered learning environment where students with varied learning styles and needs can receive individualized attention for a reasonable tuition.

Having served many remarkable students – each with different circumstances and challenges to overcome – we have honed our ability to help students realize their potential. With each learning breakthrough, the students and faculty at Desert Willow remind us of the importance of having this unique and tremendous facility in Tucson.

Our school is not a non-profit entity but is does not turn a profit. As such, we will continue to be dependent on financial support from individuals and institutions.

There are two ways to support Desert Willow High School and its students.

  • Donate to the Desert Willow School Support Fund (Supports operational expenses and a scholarship fund for families in need)
  • Donate through the Institute for Better Education, Attn: Desert Willow Education (Supports Desert Willow students who qualify for financial aid per IBE standards)

Donations submitted through the Institute for Better Education and designated for Desert Willow Education qualify for a $500 Arizona state tax credit. This is a credit not a deduction, so it is possible for many families to donate without incurring any net expense.

Please contact us if you would like to donate. Our school, its current and future students, their families, and ultimately our community will benefit from your generosity.