Chronic, difficult-to-treat conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, and others, are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Our approach to chronic illnesses involves an integrative and comprehensive program based on patient-specific diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding and Treating Chronic Conditions

When symptoms and health problem persist or and/or worsen over time it can be very frustrating not having answers. We are witnessing more and more chronic conditions affecting not only our elderly popualtion but even our younger age populations as well. The cause of these chronic conditions are often illusive for the standard medical community to discern, and unfortnately some professionals do not understand or fully seek the possible underlying causes of chronic conditions. Drugs and surgery are often reccommended but eventually not only ineffectifve but can do more harm to the body.

From a holistic perscective, the most important aspect regarding health is the underlying vitality and strength of our mental, physical and emotional condition: it is harder for illness to manifest in a healthy environment.

Identification of Causes

We strive to learn the causes of chronic conditions and treat them holistically. Often overlooked or misunderstood are the implications of toxic substances on our health. Things like heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, bromides etc.), chemicals (pecticdes, herbacides etc.), infections (virus, bacteria, mold, fungus), allergic reactions (foods, airbourne compounds), electromagnetic and geopathic effects and traumatic events (brain injury, emotional trauma etc.) can all leave a harmfull imprint on our health.

We all have to deal with life’s stresses creatively and proactively, but our system can become burdened by an accumulation of stressors and result in an overload which leads to illness. This overload can impact different people differently due to genetic factors and envirornmental factors.

Treatment Design

Our treatments are designed to address specific causes while simultaneously strengthening the overall health of the individual. This may involve addressing nutritional deficiencies, detoxifying the body of accumulated posions, rebuilding, balancing, and strenghening the immune and organ systems.

In treating chronic conditions, we make use of intravenous therapies, homeopathic and nutritional injections, botanical and metabolic therapies, allergy treatments, detoxification methods, and psycho/emotional clearing.

Chronic Conditions Treated

We are seeing more patients with conditions like Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease, Cancer, ALS, MS, ADHD, Depression, autoimmune diseases, respiratory illness, chronic gastrointestinal illness, and many more.

Holistic treatment offers a new avenue of hope for successfull recovery from chronic illness. By seeking the cause of illness and supporting the body’s capacity to function optimally, we provide a chance for true healing and recovery to begin. The process is to be understood as an equal partnership betwen doctor and patient working together to identify and treat all issues relating to the illness.