At Desert Willow Holistic Health Services we provide high quality, personalized programs for every client and family. We make available the best practices in alternative medicine, educational and learning, psychology and counseling, and neurocognitive therapy. We treat clients using a holistic approach in which a variety of treatment systems can be used to address the unique needs and situations of each client.


  • To provide the highest quality services and programs available
  • To create treatment and educational programs that best meet the needs of individual clients
  • To holistically approach the needs of our clients by using proven evaluative methods to identify the sources of their problems and by combining treatment programs in a way to enhance the client’s medical, academic, emotional, and nuerocognitive health
  • To develop a network of specialists that can help in meeting client needs
  • To provide a safe and supporting environment in which clients can heal, learn, and grow
  • To provide a center form which clients can receive a variety of services, information, and referrals
  • To provide alternatives in medical, psychological, and academic treatments

Message from Ken Blackman, N.M.D.

Dr. Ken Blackman"I believe that each person’s healing journey is best served by a close and respectful therapeutic relationship between doctor and patient. I was drawn to the field of holistic healing over 30 years ago, pursued my first degree in Psychology and 10 years later completed my degree in Naturopathic Medicine."

"At Desert Willow Holistic, I treat a wide variety of acute and chronic health conditions utilizing medical modalities of nutrition, botanical, biological, homeopathic and metabolic therapy. By weaving multiple healing disciplines together, I have been able to offer my patients a comprehensive system of integrative healing with significant benefits on many levels."

"In less than a month, and without the risk and side-effects of fad diets and supplements, Dr. Blackman helped me reduce my body fat by 10%, regain my athletic figure, eliminate food cravings, and address a litany of chronic conditions that were affecting me. It’s been 8 months since my hCG treatment and the resulting metabolic restoration has allowed me to keep the weight off."