We use a painless and drugless yet highly effective method to treat people suffering from allergies and allergic conditions. Since allergies can cause or mimic many diseases, we use patient-specific evaluations to identify allergens and design successful treatment options. Adjunct use of nutrition, botanicals and homeopathic methods are also utilized. Many allergies have been eliminated, allowing for greater freedom in peoples lives.

What Are Allergies?

There are many different kinds of allergic conditions, ranging from life threatening anaphalactic response to mild nasal discharge and itchy eyes. Recently, it has become clear that certain allergies can be responasible for a wide variety of diseases including arthritis, depression, ADHD, asthma, and many others.

What is especially clear is that many allergies are ‘hidden’ and cause problems of which we are unaware. These hidden allergies cause problems because they provoke various toxic and immune reactions in the body which may not manifest in symptoms until long after they occur.

In children, we have found allergies to be the genesis of conditions such as ear aches and colic and, in adults, we have found that allergies can cause sinusitis. In each of these cases, we have been able to successfully improve the resulting conditions and other health ailments by treating the underlying allergy.

Testing for Allergies

We have several techniques for assessing a person’s allergies and intolerances. One is called “kinesiology,” which uses the principles of energetic muscle testing to evaluate each person’s response. This has proved to be very accurate. Another way to test involves a specific blood test to check for reactions to different substances. Once testing has been done we move on to treatment.


The problematic allergen, after being identified, can either be avoided and/or treated with a technique which is intended to neutralize it as a problem for your system. This treatment system is gentle and uses accupressure points and color therapy. Many times, these treatments allow the person to have exposure to the offending allergen without having any negative reactions. By treating these substances we promote a much greater level of overall health in the body.

Come see us so we can evaluate and identify your specific allergens and design a successful treatment program for you.